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haukeschmidt Schafsleder-Reithandschuhe Ladies Finest
haukeschmidt Schafsleder-Reithandschuhe Ladies Finest
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compression stockings socks for horses lymphdrainage

[inkl. 19% MwSt zzgl. Versandkosten]
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compression stockings socks for horses lymphdrainage

Lymphdrainage compression stockings socks for horses
1 pair

made in germany made from 1A high-class material

60 % cotton
40 % elasthan (elasticthread)

Lymphdrainage compression stockings socks are washable about 40 o

S - lenght ca. 80-83 cm, wide 7cm
M - lenght ca.83-85 cm, wide 7 1/2 cm
L - lenght 86-89 cm, wide 8cm
XL - lenght 87-90 cm, wide 8 1/2 cm

The compression stockings socks are an elastic, warming support for horse legs, in particular for tendons and articulations. The compression stockings socks does not disturb the movement apparatus. He is specially long and covers the area of the area above hoof about carpal or ankle (hock) joint. If o­ne combines him with antiseptika, cotton or chill elements, he should be pulled in full length over the horse leg. 1 x turned he serves the horse as a bandage. The compression sock is to be applied therefore in all areas of the horse-racing and for your horse as a support inalienably.

How is the compression sock to the horse drawn?
The provided waxbag is turned about the hoof to protect the sock now before sharp edges in the hoof the compression sock it is pulled about the hoof. Don´t be surprised please if the sock is to be drawn o­nly very hard. A compression should take place. It´ll work.

Extracts from the covering letter of the manufacturer:

Compression sock for horses - the sock for all cases
The compression stockings socks are a good 80 cm long tube from elastic fabric (tissue). In full length he lies between crown edge and ankle (hock) joint narrowly o­n the skin. If he is turned o­ne or two times, he serves as a bandage. The sock can be watered with antiseptika, cotton or chill elements or be started as a pressure sock against swollen legs. Horse legs should not rise. Therefore, boxing horses are often bandaged, above all overnight.

This does a slender, but ill foot.
" If stands the horse, bandagen poison are for the lymph flow and blood river. Investigations of professor Cordula Poulsen Nautrup showed this at the veterinary faculty of the university of Munich, " says of the lymphologe professor Dirk Berens of rhomb field from Hannover. Extremely critically it becomes, even if the chain head with is wrapped. " Here is as well as thus already a narrow place and the Bandage cuts off the transport systems completely. " He rather bets o­n supporting socks for horse - a system that proves itself with people for a long time.

What sounds like a joke, has a sturdy, scientific background.
From the rhomb field which works o­n the medical college of Hannover the inclination explains to the thick leg. " Every horse has basically a weak vascular wall pump. " if it stands then still in the box, if the watery lymph of the cell space enough is not taken up by the venous capillaries and lymphatic roads and is taken away. The lymph follows the gravitation and gathers in the deepest points of the horse, the legs. The best and cheapest antidote is called movement. The legs go down because the vascular wall musculature pumps the lymph again into the breast space.

Which effect have now do elastic Bandagen o­n bloodstreams and lymphatic roads of the leg?
" You press the fabric and keep away the lymph ", says from rhomb field which measured the bloodstream with ultrasound, X-ray contrast medium injected to pursue the lymph flow and the volume of horse legs with a perometer (device for the measuring of the leg volume) determined. During his investigations he bumped into the elastic supporting socks for horses. Lymphologe of rhomb field saw quick that the tube sock much better than pressure sock (compression stockings socks) is good. Why, according to a consideration, the horse should not collect the prop which is measured for his anatomy? " The horse has no calf musculature like the person ", he explains. " It has a crude skin which works like a small compression sock at the pipe leg. We support this; the sock works o­n the muskuläre lymphatic wall pump. She must work against the sock pressure and is coached. "

Differently than bandages the compression stockings  disturbs neither veins nor lymphatic roads. He is easy-care and is simple in spite of its length to put in. o­nly there gets a funnel from wax paper about the hoof, so that the horn tears no runs. Then o­ne cards the sock over the leg.

From rhomb field recommends the compression stockings as a prophylaxe against thick legs.
His council for boxing horse: half a day with, other day half without socks in the stable. " The lower sock edge must lie about the hoof hemline and may release no skin, but there originates a bump ", he warns. " Better the sock works if o­ne moves the horse with the compression sock. Then he may be also turned and be used how a short sockbandage in the leg. "

From rhomb field a careful prediction ventures:
" If o­ne moves the horse with the sock o­ne hour, o­ne has for the wall pump of the lymphatic vessels a training success like from two to three hours of horse riding. We have measured the blood river and lymph flow specially at the narrowest places. He flows even unhindered. "

Newer investigations show that by application of the manual lymphatic drainage (ML) the inclination can be reduced to called legs, even if these horses are moved not increasingly. With the ML the lymphatic vessel wall pump of the lymphatic vessels is coached as in the muscle training with a bungee cord. Also of the Prophylaxesocks causes this training effect of the lymphatic vessel wall pump, especially when the horse is moved.

Why should the compression stockings be also carried by healthy horses without called legs?
For the stockings speaks that the sock can be used constantly. By the sock it is counteracted against the results of an existing injury danger especially in the unprotected chain and tubes area, so o­n the foot of the horse. Especially the bacterial inflammations of the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, to the rider are feared as a shot (acute Phlegmone) famously. Newer investigations show that with the shot especially the lymphatic vessels fall ill what can entail a chronic lymphatic edema (Elephantiasis). Besides, the already weak lymphatic vessel wall pump can distribute the inflammation cells and their products not enough to the lymphatic knots as defensive stations or filter stations. Therefore, a training of the lymphatic vessel wall pump is necessary for the protection of lymphvaskulärer illnesses by movement especially, however, also by putting o­n the prophylaxestrumpfesocks.

One hour with stockings has the effect o­n the leg of two hours ride. Who cannot move his horse daily at least two hours, should use the prophylaxesocks for the supporting compression of the faint lymphatic vessel wall pump, however, also of the veins.

Stocking socks for horses with zip!

This information can substitute neither for a medical consultation nor considers them the respective special circumstances of the illness. For a concrete medical consultation you turn please to a veterinarian or authorised therapist.


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[inkl. 19% MwSt zzgl. Versandkosten]
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